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In Allston, they’re doing yoga by candlelight.

“Peer into the window at 89 Brighton Ave. on Tuesday night, and you’ll see the warm, flickering light of roughly a dozen tea light candles and the silhouettes of the warrior pose, child’s pose, downward dog — this is candlelight yoga…”


With Candle Yoga, POP Allston Brightens Community

“To combat this, Singer has begun reaching out to various companies and schools to bring yoga to their own spaces. Ultimately, she hopes to create a more accessible option for the community, and believes that bringing the practice to workplaces and classrooms will inspire a new attitude about yoga that will benefit participants in all aspects of their life…”


Conversations with the Inspiring Ali Singer

“I’ve always wanted to start a business and have been coming up with ideas for as long as I can remember. I started practicing yoga out of a love for movement and fitness, but it was the meditation and philosophy that made my life much better and kept me coming back to my mat…”