Adam DeVito



Yoga has been a journey that began at the end of Adam’s college career in 2012. After taking a few yoga classes with some friends, and noticing the profound impact it had on his body, Adam began to study through books and videos online. This was a hobby that he would indulge during free time or after his time spent at the gym. After many years of weightlifting, however, the lengthening and opening of the body that yoga offered was a welcome reprieve to his tight muscles. This soon became Adam’s main form of movement to increase both his strength and flexibility. More importantly, however, he felt a great sense of ease in his body as well as his mind when he wasn’t on that mat. This is really what has kept him coming back all these years.

After almost 5 years with this discipline, Adam’s journey has shifted and changed multiple times along the way. He was a member with Americorp Cape Cod for 2 years, a full-time farmer as well as a full time yoga teacher and studio manager. He has taught at multiple studios in and around the Boston area including Down Under, Firefly, and Humble Warrior. He is currently enrolled in Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, where he is deepening his understanding of human anatomy and the power of touch to help the body heal. In class you can expect a heavy emphasis on alignment, while gently exploring ways to open the body with the greatest sense of ease. He will always encourage a sense of playfulness and lightness to the practice so that we can take ourselves a little less seriously and just enjoy the

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