Yoga Festivus with


 This time we have partnered with to bring all our lovely Boston yogis an event full of spiritual unity, laughs and positive vibes under the name Yoga Festivus. Yoga Festivus was organized with the goal to strengthen and celebrate unity through Yoga and its spirituality.

Yoga was never about the perfect body or expensive studios like we see on social media. Yoga is about reclaiming your own body, empowerment and control over the directions you are taking in your life. 

The mission of is to provide Trauma-Informed Yoga to individuals who are currently homeless, low-income, or otherwise marginalized and disenfranchised in the Greater Boston area, and to the professionals who work with them. aims to make yoga a healing, transformative and standard part of the lives of people who have experienced trauma, and the professionals who steward the trauma of others.  

This is how our yogis enjoyed their Yoga Festivus and we hope to see you at our next upcoming event

Yoga against Cancer
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Yoga Festivus YogaHub Pop Allston
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Yoga Festivus YogaHub Boston
Yoga Festivus YogaHub