Hotel Yoga

Yoga is a great on-site activity that enhances the guest experience at your hotel, increases guest loyalty, and provides team-building and healthy living for your staff.


1. Choose a package

A. One-time event

B. Custom (3-6 classes)

C. Weekly classes

2. select a program(S)

A. Guests & Residents: Enhance your hotel’s guest experience, and provide healthy living for your staff with energy boosting yoga classes.

B. Conferences & Events: Complete your menu of conference & event amenities with yoga services for groups of all sizes.

C. VIP private lessons: One-on-one yoga lessons are always an experience your guest remembers forever.

and many more…


3. Choose a class type

A. Mat practice: Students set up on yoga mats, and the instructor leads them through all-levels techniques of posture, and meditation.

B. Stand & stretch: This energizing yoga practice does not require any room setup, mats or change of clothes.

C. Private lessons: Our YogaPros identify and accommodate individual student needs, and providing customized lessons.

4. We Set Up Your Program

You will receive a Partner Guide, which will help you maximize awareness and streamline class setup. We will help you promote classes that are open to the public on our website & Social Media channels.

5. Enjoy Yoga

You’ll never have to worry about teacher management, as we handle everything from teacher payments to finding substitute teachers.